Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Yo-Yo Flowers" Mini Prayer Flag - Part 2

Now that your flower is made, the next step is to make the flower centers!  The flower centers are made with LOTS of French Knots.  To do this you need to use a linen type fabric.  I like to work with a piece about 4" square.  Draw 3-4 circles using a pencil about the size of a nickel.  Leave at least 3/4" between each of the circles and the edge of the fabric also.  You can either start in the center or work from the outside edge into the center. Does not matter.  You just have the completely fill the circle.  It is best to use Size 5 or Size 3 Pearl Cotton Embroidery thread as it will fill the circle faster.  I use a Chenille #22 or #20 Needle.

Wrap the needle either 2-3 times depending on the size of the thread.

After all the French Knots are finished, using the same thread, make a running stitch around the outside edge of the knot center, about 1/8" - 1/4" outside the circle, then cut the circle out about 1/8" - 1/4" from the running stitch.  Do not cut the thread.

Pull the thread tight and push the raw edges down so they don't stick up so much.  
Do not cut the thread.
Stitch back and forth across the raw edges to push the raw edges down even more.  Knot at the end.  Do not cut the thread.
Using the same thread, stitch straight through into the velvet yo-yo.  Next come up into the edge of the French Knots, making sure you are in the linen fabric.  Take tacking stitches around the edge of the French Knot center to attach it to the Yo-Yo.  Knot on the back and NOW you can cut the thread!
Draw a wavy line (stem) from each Yo-Yo flower.  Stitch a Stem stitch for each of the stems.

Add as many tiny flowers as you would like at the bottom.
Add a Rayon Ribbon trim to the top and bottom of the little flag.  Just scrunch the ribbon a bit and stitch on a button to hold it in place.
Add a backing fabric (trim down) and stitch along the edges.  To attach the layers together, stitch tiny seed stitches (tiny straight stitches) in a very random pattern.

Your little Prayer Flag should be done now!  I hope you have enjoyed my postings about my embellishments.  I adore embellishing and just playing with threads and unusual fabrics.

Leave a comment on this post, as well as the last post, by Sunday, December 4th, for your chance to win a kit to make your own Prayer Flag!  The winner will be announced on Monday!
Good Luck!


  1. Oh, I love the flowers. I love to embroider and this is a perfect project for evenings. Thanks!

  2. Just beautiful, your work always inspires me!

  3. Fabulous! you had me at 'french knots' - I love them!!

  4. Lovely idea, beautiful work!

  5. The depth is wonderful shown on these flowers. Colors are nice too.

  6. Thanks for the clear photos of the french knots. Lovely idea and great texture.

  7. Somehow in this busy season I have missed the earlier blog, but I am sure going to go and find it these flowers are so lovely and I need to play with this idea.

  8. Absolutely love these flowers, and the completed pray flag looks engaging, thanks again for sharing your beautiful work. Liz

  9. Love the flowers. You make it look so easy. Thank you.


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