Saturday, June 14, 2014

Typography Winner!

We have our first international winner!!!  Erica from Sydney, Australia!

Erica Spinks said...
I love all of these! Would love a chance to win them, please! :-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Typography - A Whimsical Approach!

Carol R. Eaton here... it is always such a treat to see how each artist in the hive approaches the Queen's request! When it was my turn to be Queen I was blown away by their vision and Lisa's custom fabric pack is equally as cool!

When it came to the idea of text I couldn't get away from the daily bombardment of messages (both text and voice) I receive through work and play. I'm not complaining ~ communication equals life ~ but it can feel over whelming at times. So... I took a whimsical approach to text by creating a piece that incorporates the idea of birds chirping away in pleasant but constant tweets! My design incorporates multiple techniques such as sun printing, thermofax screens and more.

Please comment on Lisa's post below for a chance to win and then hop over to my blog to see how I created my piece!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Typography Giveaway!

Lisa Chin here, and it is finally my month to be Queen Bee here at
The Printed Fabric Bee.  
I chose Typography as my theme.  I didn't need to be able to read any of the type, I was more interested in text as art and I tell you, these ladies really delivered:

I love them all!!!

And now YOU have a chance to win the set of these one-of-a-kind fabrics.
Just leave a comment here or over on my blog for your chance to win.  The giveaway will stay open until Friday, June 13th - it could just be YOUR LUCKY DAY!
After you leave a comment, go over to the hive member's blogs to see how they made their fabrics: