Friday, September 23, 2016

Advanced Sun Printing

Have you used one of the methods in the previous two posts yet to create some Sun Printed or Sun Less Printed Fabrics?  I hope so!

Today's post will use take the Sun Printed fabric one step further.
The fabrics created with Sun Printed are beautiful in and of themselves but they can be so much more when you layer them.  
The paints used in Sun Printing are transparent and lend themselves well to layering.  (Note: Pebeo's Setacolor has been renamed "light" instead of "transparent" as pictured above.)  

It is amazing the depth which can be achieved with two and three layers of paint.  To create a layered effect, start by creating your first layer as described in this post. 

One of the biggest tricks to creating a beautiful second and third layer 
is to remember basic color theory:
  Blue + Red = Purple
Blue + Yellow = Green
Red + Yellow = Orange
And don't forget that
Purple + Yellow = Brown
Green + Red = Brown
Orange + Blue = Brown

Brown is a beautiful color!  
Especially when you can see layers of the colors it was created from.
Here are just a couple examples of the beauty you can create with layer Sun Prints:
First layer: Blue
Second Layer: Fuchsia
Don't be afraid to cover the entire piece with the Fuchsia!
The fabric has three colors despite only using two colors of paint.

And this piece was given an additional layer of blue.
The masks used on these pieces were cut from plastic transparency sheets as well as natural leaves from a tree.

The second example is a piece where Brown is especially beautiful.
First Layer: Blue
Second Layer: Orange
Third Layer: black

This is one of my favorite Sun Printed fabrics.

What colors will you combine?
What shapes will you create in your Sun Printed fabrics?
Leave a comment for another chance at winning these FOUR Sun Printed Fat Quarters, TWO yards of Mistyfuse and a Mini Goddess Sheet.  (I just started singing the 12 days of Christmas there, sorry about the ear worm!)

Next week's post on September 27th will show you a fun project to create with your Sun Printed fabrics.


  1. Wow!
    I love the blue and orange piece!
    I've just ordered my setacolor paints

  2. Thes posts just keep getting better and better! The layers are so rich...who knew you could do this with paint! Can't wait to try it!

  3. The color layering really adds richness!

  4. Love It!!!!!! Need more paints now....sigh.

  5. Wow - the layering is awesome! Love it!

  6. Love the sprockets and cogs, I'm a cyclist as well as textile fanatic so really like the chosen images

  7. Thanks for the excellent explanation of the layering effects. Very helpful.

  8. Wow! I've done lots of sun-printing but never thought of layering. Absolutely great fabric. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for the post and the giveaway.

  9. I've never done the layering but I have used a stencil over sun printed fabric....great idea!!!

  10. I am fascinated by layering and am eager to try. I might start with blue, then yellow, then red.

  11. Can't wait to have a dye day. Where would one find those wonderful sprockets and cogs?

  12. love that steampunk look of wheels and gears!!

  13. I love the layering! I received the silk hankies and dyes I'd ordered this week, so I was planning some colour play for this weekend! Yay! Thanks for the tips and the inspiration.

  14. The layering is amazing - uniquely 'batik' in a way!
    Stunning effects altogether :)

  15. Wow! Love the effect of the layering.

  16. I love layering analogous colours, but next time will consider being brave and adding black. Carrot tops make the most wonderful, ethereal prints! (They work better when pressed in a book first - they lay flatter) Thanks for more food for thought, and I'm glad you mentioned the name change from transparent to light. Knowing that will save me some confusion and doubt next time I want to buy paint.

  17. Love sunprinting! Great inspiration, thanks!

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  19. Wow - what a wonderful technique! I think blue and yellow (and the resulting green) would be gorgeous!

  20. great method may be wanted to add thin layer of bee wax with abrush

  21. Love the layering achieved with the stencils and transparent paint. I would love to try it using feathers or wheels as symbols. I think I would use blue and yellow.


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